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her longtime lover, travis alexander, at least she doesn't anymore. at first, she denied being even on the scene, she talked a lot. anderson, she blamed the murder on two -- something like ninjas. but now, she says she killed travis alexander all right, but it was in self defense. and even though she is fighting for her life on the stand she has been smirking her way through nearly two weeks of direct examination and cross examination. >> nancy have you ever seen testimony that has gone on for 12 days from a witness accused of murder? >> no, i haven't, because usually, most defense attorneys follow conventional wisdom and they don't put the client on the stand. the thinking is, it is better for the jury to suspect you're guilty and remain silent then speak and confirm their suspicions. >> yeah, this is a death penalty case, and i guess they're trying to appeal to any juror, who -- they don't think they're going to get her off of it, but maybe they can avoid the death penalty. >> did you say appeal to the jurors? i don't know if detailing her oral and anal sex in the parking lot is r
? >> did you kill travis alexander? >> yes, i did. >> jodi arias speaks out. the 32-year-old charged with stabbing, slashing and shooting her one time boyfriend. what she says drove her to do it. >>> the voice hits like "you raise me up." earned him million of adoring fans. tonight pop superstar josh groban lets loose to talk about his life. >>> almost human. from monkies to pandas to owls. the animal kingdom as you've never seen it before. looking just like us. >>> from new york city, this is "nightline." >> good evening and thank you for joining us. tonight we begin with the twisted tale of love gone deadly wrong of today jodi arias, the young woman on trial for murder in phoenix, arizona, took the stand for a second day to try to convince a jury that when she stabbed, slashed and shot her one-time boyfriend, it was all in self-defense. but that wasn't always her story. she faces the possibility of the death penalty. abc has this report for the series, crime and punishment. >> did you kill travis alexander on june 4th, 2008? >> yes, i did. >> it is the level equivalent of a hail ma
to 1,000 miles to be with travis alexander. >> i listened to some of that testimony. it is so graphic. it's being brought up by the defense. what are they going for here? what are they trying to do? >> this is what they're trying to do, randi. and i reject it. i don't know why the state is not objecting to it. but i do believe the state has a plan, because i have noticed the prosecutors -- lead prosecutor is basically clenching his teeth as he is listening to all of this because it's largely inadmissible if he wanted to stop it, i believe he could with the proper objection. i think this is where the defense is headed. as you know, there are 11 men and seven women on this jury. they haven't been separated down to the final 12 yet. i believe they are trying to reach out to the women on the jury, to make the women believe that jodi arias was used, that she was mistreated, that she was used for sex and then discarded. travis alexander did not want a real relationship with her. he only wanted her for sex. all right, granted. >> they're trying to make him look like a villain. >> yes, they a
. trace gallagher and there has been a late development. >>> this jodi arias claims that travis alexander physically assaulted her on four occasions and she broke her finger and choked her unconscious. the problem is prosecutors pointed out she has zero proof, no pictures, no police reports, no medical records at all, but she was keeping a journal at the time. on the day she claims sha he was hit in the face, she wrote this about travis alexander. listen. >> he is my best friend in the whole wide world is that what it says? >> whole world. >> best friend in the whole world. >> you are saying about about an individual that just hit you? >> right. >> that speaks against that, doesn't it. >> objection, argumentative. >> reporter: she says she didn't tell anybody about the violence because she didn't want anyone to know. >> shep: so she killed him and she sent the family a letter. >> reporter: an 18 pin h than page letters that included details about how travis alexander was killed and some descriptions of the intruders who she said killed him a male and female. she wrote that letter because
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took these pictures of her ex-boyfriend travis alexander in the shower. >> i am taking pictures of him. weep were trying out different poses. it was a little weird the background wasn't that great, the water was okay. >> reporter: and second later, butchered the mormon businessman in the bathroom of his mesa home. she dropped alexander's camera. he flew into a rage. >> i was crouching, he lifted me up, screaming i was a stupid idiot the he body slammed me on the trial. >> reporter: she claims she ran into his closet and grabbed his gun. >> i ran out of the closet. he was chasing me. i turned around. we were in the middle of the bathroom. i pointed it at him with both hand. i thought that would stop him. he kept rung. i was pointing it at him. i didn't even know that i shot him. it just went off. >> reporter: remember on june 4, 2008, her 30-year-old former boyfriend wasn't just shot in the head he was stabbed 27 times including nine in the back. and his throat was slit nearly to the point of decapitation. >> there is a lot of that day i don't remember. there are a lot of gaps. >> repor
in that relationship. remember, prosecutors say that jody arias killed travis alexander in 2008 because she was jealous he was planning a trip with another woman. the suspect initially denied knowing anything about her ex-boyfriend's death, and she blamed the murder or masked intruders. now jody says that her ex had attacked her and she killed him to save her own life. here's more. what is areas saying today? reporter: she has been going over in great detail how she says her, boyfriend controlled her sex life. and he said he sent her clothing that said, travis alexander, in the possesssive. the message he belonged to her. even though she lived in california, and he in arizona. she claims he did not like some of her friendships with other men. it also -- arias appeared to get choked up hundred her turn put this photo up in court of. he mentioned it appeared they were affectionate toward each other. >> was that the way it was throughout the entire trip? >> that trip, we acted that way but it was a pretense. >> what do you mean, pretense? >> i found out at that point he was cheating on me. >> and areas te
of her boyfriend travis alexander. before i play you the testimony, a little background for you from hln's christy paul to bring you up to speed. >> reporter: the prosecution laid out a timeline detailing how jody arias killed travis alexander. at 5:29 p.m. arias takes a picture of alexander alive in the shower. moments later she stabs him in the chest. prosecutors believe he was still alive and arias followed him down the hall to the bedroom where she slashed his throat. then dragged his body back to the bathroom, accidentally taking pictures all along the way. investigators believe once they were in the bathroom she shot him in the forehead. based on the location of the shell casing they believe that happened near the sink. and then his body was stuffed in the shower. >> those pictures may be grisly but they are critical. the accused is giving her side of those grisly pictures and her ex's grisly demise. >> did you kill travis alexander on june 4th, 2008? >> yes. i did. >> why? >> the simple answer is he attacked me. and i defended myself. >> jody arias is due back on the stand in a co
for murdering travis alexander back in 2008. she's facing the death penalty. this case has court watchers riveted. not only because of the sheer brutality of it but also because of the couple's salacious sexual relationship. they videotaped themselves having sex and took provocative photos. on the day of the murder, june 4th, 2008, the two snapped naked photos of each other at alexander's home royalty before the killing. those pictures were recovered from the memory card of a digital camera police found in his washing machine. according to investigators, a photo taken at 1:40 p.m., shows arias posing nude on alexander's bed. later, a photo was taken and deleted, showing alexander naked in the shower. then at 5 chicago 30, another photo of alexander. police say, just two minute later, he was dead. 5:32 p.m., this time stamped photo showed alexander's body on the shower floor. what exactly happened that night is still unclear. in part because investigators can't get a straight or at least consistent story out of arias. the first time she was kweged, july 15th, 2008, arias said she wasn't wi
details woven through the case which may be too explicit for younger viewers. >> travis alexander never had a chance. 27 stab wounds, a gunshot to the face. his throat slit ear to ear. when friends found his body, he had already been dead five days. >> he's -- he's dead. he's in his bedroom. in the shower. >> so there's blood. is it coming from his head? >> it's all over the place. >> has he been threatened by anyone recently? >> yes, he has. he has an ex-girlfriend who has been bothering him and following him and slashing tires and things like that. >> that ex-girlfriend is jodi arias, now on trial for murdering travis alexander back in 2008. she's facing the death penalty. this case has court watchers riveted. not only because of the sheer brutality of it but also because of the couple's salacious sexual relationship. they videotaped themselves having sex and took provocative photos. on the day of the murder, june 4th, 2008, the two snapped naked photos of each other at alexander's home, right before the killing. those pictures were recovered from the memory card of a digital camera p
and evidence the prosecutor finally working up to the night that travis alexander's life ended in a pool of blood. adam housley is live in our west coast newsroom with more on this. this prosecutor keeps hammering away and hammering away but jodi arias is not backing down from latest version of veentle. >> she is not. testimony tedious breaking her down piece by piece trying to show she had elaborate alibis initially. why should we believe this story. including the fact that he is trying to show premeditation. he went back to the gun, the gun that she used to shoot travis alexander. she claims it was travis'. though no one can ever remember him ever having a gun. the insinuation is that she stole that gun from her grandparents and again took it with her again to show premeditation. take a listen. >> how about the gun that you used to kill mr. alexander, how big was that gun? >> it wasn't very big. >> looked like a toy gun? >> it looked like a real gun to me. >> well, and it could fit in your purse, couldn't it? >> if i removed some other items it could fit. >> the item is yes, it could f
ex-boyfriend, travis alexander, back in 2008. it's a beyond unusual case, and it's gotten so much discussion among our staff, that we wanted to cover it. most murder defendants don't even take the stand, let alone sit sistfor 12 days of question. and prosecutors aren't even done yet. arias has changed her story several times, first claiming she wasn't even there, then making up a story about intruders, and now saying it was self-defense. prosecutors grilled arias today about her sex life and her lies, and we want to warn you that the content in this can be graphic at times and inappropriate for younger viewers. for 12 days, accused murderer, jodi arias, has been on the stand, fighting to save her life. >> you keep mentioning truth. i'm not having a problem telling the truth. >> but you are having problems answering my questions, right? >> um, i don't have a problem answering your question if i remember the answer. >> reporter: charged with first-degree murder, she could get the death penalty if found guilty of killing her ex-boyfriend, back in 2008. she was 30 years old. his name
this of the lead detective. what about travis alexander's roommates. what's their alibi? what were they doing? and the defense opening statement, randi, the defense lawyer said she did it. my client -- stabbed him to death. but the jury was still asking about alibis for the roommates. okay. that's not good. this week, it got a little more on the road. the jury started asking questions that were more feasible or understandable questions. i think that a murder two is a possibility. i think they could convict on murder one. one thing that's disturbing among many, randi, is that we uncovered that there was a point in time where jodi arias was begging to plead guilty to murder two to state under oath on the bible, i murdered travis alexander, murder two. when the state rejected that, she then switched her defense to self-defense. so this is a charade. >> it's always interesting to watch how the defendant holds up. at one point, i know she broke down during the trial. how do you think she's doing? >> randi, she's like a water faucet. she cries on and off all the time. she typically cries when a dis
underway today. the defendant is this woman, jodi arias. she does not deny she killed travis alexander but claims the killing was in self defense. the trial resumed after the judge got sick last thursday. that's when georgia heard graphic audio from a phone conversation between this woman, jodi arias, and her exboyfriend recorded the month before she killed him. most of the details are way too much for me to get into here. my mother would never talk to me again. the couple could be heard having sex on the recording. let's just leave it at that. today jodi arias claimed her exboyfriend sent her a text message warning that she should not contact him and threatened her with some sort of punishment if she did. vicki ward joins us now, a journalist and fox news contributor. you're in there. how is it going, and what have you heard? >> reporter: hey, shep. well, you know, today is a day where all couples who try to split up and just can't will identify this. at least that's what the defense is trying to convey. jodi arias has read out text messages from and to travis alexander, the man she h
arias' explanation of what happened the night of that murder. >> did you kill travis alexander on june 4th, 2008? >> yes, i did. >> reporter: in a surprise move, jodi arias took the stand in her own defense. and explained to the jury why she brutally murdered her ex-boyfriend, travis alexander. >> he attacked me. and i had to defend myself. >> reporter: speaking quietly, with her hair pulled to the side, this is the same woman prosecutors say stabbed alexander 27 times in a jealous rage. also slashing his throat, and shooting him twice in the head. but her story has changed several times. and in an interview with "inside edition," arias also said no jury would convict her because she was innocent. on the stand, she gave a new explanation. >> at the time, i had plans to commit suicide. so, i was extremely confident that no jury would convict me because i didn't expect any of you to be here. >> reporter: jodi arias' system and cross-examination is expected to take several days. if convicted, she could become the fourth woman on arizona's death row. rob and diana, back to you. >> thank you
the testimony is pretty graphic. >> jodi arias had a nickname for travis alexander. she told the court she liked to call him hotty bbiscotti. why did she should him then? she seemed to be enjoying the relationship especially their sex life? that enjoyment strongly contradicts her testimony that travis alexander abused her and made her feel like a prostitute. >> one of the other thing that is we know from that conversation in terms of your blossoming is that you discussed making a movie right? >> yes. >> and you discussed making a sexual movie right? >> yes. >> and it wasn't that you told him no. you actually were into it as much as he was right? >> yes. >> the couple's text messages were shown in court. in one text she suggested she wanted to dress up and more. >> it indicates that it is you that is the person that likes this sort of activity and looking like a horny little school girl right? >> yes. >> it is no secret that she hasn't been forth coming with the truth. about what happened the night she killed him. she said she wasn't at the house that night and then telling an investigator and re
to jodi arias, travis alexander's number one item from the start, sex. she says her own romantic interests were much more in the spiritual realm, but she says she went along with travis. here she is, jodi arias. >> i felt a little bit used, but i knew i had gone there on my own willingly. >> what do you mean, though, you felt used? >> well, you know, he gets a hotel room, i show up, we hang out, we have sex, he's not really there presently, like, he's not mentally present, i'm getting a lot of attention, but only while we're engaging in sexual activity and then we check out and he takes off and i kind of felt like a prostitute sort of. >> so jodi arias says that in the opening days of this ill fated romance she felt, her words, like a prostitute. they're apparently laying the basis for a self-defense defense now that jodi arias concedes, that, yes, she did kill travis alexander with two gunshots and 27 slash and stab wounds. sunny hostin is our cnn legal analyst, ryan smith covering the trial of the ins and outs as well. ryan, day three on the stand for jodi arias. how is she doing? >> she
, right from the moment she met travis alexander in september '06. the man she is now accused of murdering. a man she met at a company party in vegas. >> there was a crowd of people everywhere. out of the corner of my eye i saw somebody walking toward me. he stopped right in front of me and stuck his hand out and introduced himself. >> reporter: she said it didn't take long before travis became friendlier and friendlier. so much so she tried to cool things off by telling him she was living with someone else. but later in an elevator it didn't seem to matter. >> he leaned in very close as if he wanted to kiss me and he was licking his lips and staring at my lips, like he wanted to kiss me, but he didn't. >> reporter: they stayed in touch after vegas. jody testifying that travis convinced her to break up with her boyfriend. and within days at a party, jody says the heat between them turned way up. >> was he touching you? >> yes. i don't really recall the specifics. but we were getting intimate. we were making out. i didn't want to do anything that would maybe displease him, not because i fea
the death penalty for the killing of her ex-boyfriend travis alexander. before i go further given the time of day i'd like to warn you about details, they are graphic and sexual and there's a reason for that. that's her defense. it's a lot about the sex. arias revealed the biggest shocker yet during her testimony from the stand yesterday of what she calls her ex-boyfriend's deviant urges. arias claims that mr. alexander was sexually attracted to young boys. these are her claims of a dead man. she says he bought her a pair of little boys underwear as a valentine's day gift. >> was there any discussion about why he wanted you to wear the boy's spider man underwear? >> that was the reason for it, apparently, that's what he told me. >> the reason being, if i understand you correctly, that he liked pretending that you were a young boy? >> i didn't ask him what he was visualizing. >> okay. if you think these are dirty details, this is just a four day slow march towards the real ugly details, the details of how she actually went about stabbing mr. alexander 27 times slitting his throat and shooti
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penalty if she's convicted in the 2008 stabbing and shooting murder of her ex-boyfriend, travis alexander. arias has been on the stand for 11 days now. marathon testimony that has more lurid drama than any case we've heard in a long time. arias has changed her story several times. at first to police she denied even being in the same city on the day alexander was murdered, then she made up an elaborate story about two intruders who killed him and also tried to kill her. now her story is that she did indeed kill him but that it was in self-defense, he was abusive. today's cross-examination focused on the couple's sex life. we want to warn you the testimony is graphic, maybe too explicit for younger viewers. randi kaye reports. >> reporter: if travis alexander was so dangerous and so abusive to jodi arias, then why, prosecutors want to know, was she sending him text messages, calling him an amazing friend and telling him she loved him. >> you're still under oath. >> reporter: in court today she was questioned about one text sent in april 2008 just two months before arias supposedly killed al
to contrast that the jody arias we have heard about from travis alexander's friends and seen in the photos. but this won't be lost on the jury. and i'm sure the prosecutor is going to point this out. i mean, she's up there saving her life. she's the one who has all of the motive to tailor her testimony to make her look the best, the sweetest and most innocent and travis alexander to look like the villain. >> just quickly, you and i have covered a number of trials, where female defendants have come out with -- this is going to sound crazy. but dark roots having gone in as blond bombshells. and it's not every jurisdiction that will allow you to continue looking the way you look when you go in. you don't get hair dye or highlights in the clink. >> reporter: oh, no. absolutely not. she was a brunette by the time of the slaying, and for all we know, i think she continued to be a brunette, i think she was a brunette when she was arrested, in her booking photo. by the way she wanted to put on makeup before her booking photo. she was allowed. and she had a nice little smile in the booking photo. b
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 234 (some duplicates have been removed)